Frustrating day here

Not the best of days. I had planned to accomplish all my administrative chores before I start work on Monday. There is a particular order in which these needed to be done

1) Sign employment contract

2) Register with Swiss authorities

3) Set up a bank account

Unfortunately, the guy at the agency (step 1) had not realised that none of the senior managers would be there today, so whilst I was able to sign my contract, there was no-one able to counter-sign from their side. This meant that I was unable to accomplish steps 2 and 3 today.

I believe I will be able to go and register on Thursday evening when the local office is open till 6:30pm, and it’s not really an urgent thing, but it would have been nice to sort this out today while I had lots of free time on my hands.

What I HAVE done today is to buy a travel pass which will get me to and from work for a month. It’s valid on all public transport – buses, trams, trains, even ferries on the lake within the two zones that I need, and I can use it as much as I like during the month – not just one return journey each day. This means that I will be able to hop on a train and into Zurich in the evening if I desire. I will also be able to get to a church (hopefully) on Sunday.

I have also got a Swiss mobile phone number.
I heard today that the apartment I was interested in has gone. Another one I spotted advertised today has also gone.

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