Another railway journey

Have been on trains most of the day. There was a bit of a journey from Brig to Andermatt that I have been wanting to do for ages, and so I decided I would tackle it today.

Getting to Brig was easy. I caught a train into Zurich from my local station. Then from Zurich, I got a train to Bern. From Bern it was just one more train to Brig.

Needless to say the scenery along the way was brilliant. At one stage I looked out of one side of the train and saw a snow-topped mountain, and out the other side were some people doing hang-gliding.  Lots of streams and rolling mountains with their tops in the clouds.

I had a bit of time to kill in Brig, so I wandered around the two a bit. Not much to see, so I wandered back to the train station again to get on the Gotthard Matterhorn Railway for the journey to Andermat. The train started to move about 10 minutes early and we went forwards, backwards, forwards and backwards again, before ending up back at Brig. I guess they were putting the engine at the other end of the train or something.

The journey from Brig to Andermatt was long, but again beautiful. High, but not as high as I have been. At one point we went through a really long train tunnel as well.

From Andermatt it was the usual stunning descent to Goschenen, where I caught the train back to Zurich.  This time I noticed the train going round in circles a bit as we descended from the mountains. The guide book says that you go past the same church on a hill three times at different heights, but I didn’t spot that.

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