I woke at 8 this morning, so I decided to go to church in Bullach for the morning service. It was nice. Richard spoke well on Abram and Sarah and applied some experiences that they are having as a couple at the moment.

For lunch I picked up a Calzone in the shops underneath the City Rail station, and then popped home for a siesta! I had a plan to go for a walk, but wanted to wait until it was a little cooler.

I then caught the train up to Uetliberg and walked the length of the Planetenweg – I think about 7km end to end. This is a unique walk with models of the planets of the solar system (to scale) placed at various points along the way in a scale of 1:1,000,000, I think. I was planning to go down the cable car from Felsenweg to Adiswil, but the last point of the walk was quite a bit past the place where I could have got the cable car, so I decided to keep walking, following my nose. In the end I finished up walking quite a bit further than I planned – nearly 6 miles I think, but it was a nice afternoon and I had nothing else to do! I ended up on a road that was familiar – I travelled along it by bus when I went to Türlersee a few weeks back. So I found a bus stop and waited about 45 minutes for the (once an hour) bus to come along. This took me to Weidikon station and from there I got a train to Enge and then a number 13 tram to Laubeg. Quite a trip, but an enjoyable one!

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