Mount Titlis

Caught the train to Luzern then another narrow gauge to Engleberg. Bought Family ticket for cable cars up to Mount Titlis (3200m) Three cablecars. First is a 6 seater, then an 80 person one and finally the Titlis Rotair which rotates once on the 5 minute ascent. We went out onto the snowy slopes. No skiing, but very snowy. At one stage, we disappeared up to our thighs in snow! Did ski lift (Ice flyer) over the crevaces and little toboggans. Nearly killed ourselves! Didn’t know we had to steer! Had lunch (spaghetti and meat, tomato and mushroom sauces) – included in ticket. Walked down ice tunnel and another tunnel to the South window. We were way above the clouds and it was lovely and sunny, but VERY COLD! A very good day though. Reverse of journey to get back to Zurich. Photos here

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