Reading to Zurich by car

I left Reading at 6:30am yesterday morning and arrived, exhausted in Zurich almost exactly 12.5 hours later.

I had asked Duncan Strathie for his recommendation on routes as they drive to Zurich quite often, but in the end, Tom Tom took me on a variation of his route. I paid more in motorway tolls than he does, but I think my journey was a bit shorter and quicker than his. I asked TomTom to check a route avoiding tolls and it was 100 miles and an hour longer than this route, so I think I did OK. At the end of the day, I wanted to get here as quickly as I could, so it was worth paying a bit extra.

I had never realised just HOW HUGE France is. I drove hundreds of km in a South Easterly direction and was sure that I must be level with Switzer;and. I thought I would enter via Geneva! Imagine my surprise to find that I was still to the North and entering via Basel! I had to stop twice in France to fill up with petrol!

It was a very long drive and I am not looking forward to doing it again in 2 weeks. Will try a different route for variety I think.

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