It was SO muggy as I came out of work tonight. The lake was beckoning me from afar. I could not resist the temptation to go and plunge myself into the wonderful refreshing water.

I caught a train south around the west side of the lake. I saw what looked like an interesting bathing place when I was on a train journey going that way one time.

I arrived at the place called Wädenswil. It was not quite how I remembered it! There was no sign of anyone swimming in the lake and no obvious place to do so. I walked a bit along the pathway and eventually found a fairly secluded spot where I felt it would be safe to leave my clothes and rucksack for a few minutes while I had a quick dip.

Sure enough the water was wonderfully refreshing. I wasn’t in for long, but it just really cooled me down beautifully. As I got out the thunderstorm started….. I guess I should have realised that it was about time for a storm – it’s been so hot for a number of days, but it just did not cross my mind. Sure enough the forked lightening was soon flashing up in the hills. I walked back to the train station and just got there before the rain started. It was a deluge! Sure cleared the air nicely though!

I decided to complete my circuit of the lake by catching the next train to Pfaffikon, then from there, another train to Rapperswill, which is the South-most limit of the S7 train service, which I catch each day from Kloten to Zurich and back.  I could have got back much quicker by catching a direct train into Zurich, but I decided to enjoy the scenery and see some bits I have not been on before.

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