Bank frustrations

I just spent an hour at the bank this morning trying to sort out the payment for my rent. Incredibly frustrating. Apparently the “account opening” dept did not receive all of the necessary paperwork when my account was opened! As from 2 days ago, therefore my account is LOCKED. Why that would have affected the payment I asked to be sent on 17th July, I don’t know! Also, the ATM card I have is still working – I can still withdraw money. Weird.

They asked the branch manager to get me to sign all of the contracts and forms again and send them again…….
but he could not print them out because the account is LOCKED and then when he was given some override codes, his PC locked up, so he had to call tech support to help him! Finally got them printed out and signed, so hope all will go smoothly now.

He has written a really nice letter to my landlady explaining that the delay is completely the bank’s fault, and not mine. Hopefully this will be sorted in the next day or two.

I took another 300 francs out of the ATM this morning in case they decide to lock that part of my account too!

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