I was taken out for lunch today by the lady from my employment agency. She just wanted to see how I was getting on, so that she could have a meaningful conversation with the folks at Credit Suisse, as I am nearing the end of my probation period. We went to the nice Italian place near Sihl City where I had the scampi and pasta. Needless to say I was not brave enough to try for anything else this time, so I had the same again! It was very nice.

After work I popped up to Winterthur for a little walk round the shops. I wanted to buy a couple of things, including a folder in which to store and sort my rapidly expanding collection of letters from various official sources. I took some money from the cash machine and noticed that my balance is quite a lot more than it should be. I think they have not paid my new landlady for the rent and deposit, so I have to go and sort that out AGAIN tomorrow.

On my way home I was also able to pop into the post office to arrange for my post to be redirected to the new place. It’s really quick and cheap here. 15 Francs for a year. That’s about £6! So that’s all sorted. Ready to move next Wednesday.

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