Mutiny and dry

The rain finally stopped this afternoon. Just as suddenly as it started, it stopped! The sun came out.

We had a bit of excitement in the office today – When they were moving the teams from Uetlihof to Edenstrasse (which is nowhere near as nice) the management promised us free coffee by way of a compensation. So until today, we have been enjoying free coffee, late, cappuccino, etc. Today a technician arrived – we thought he was just here to service the machines, but after he left, we found that the machines are no longer giving free coffee! The whole office is in uproar! The VP in charge of this floor hid in his office for the entire afternoon for fear of his life!  We are not sure if this is a mistake or a policy decision, so watch this space!

This evening I went to the English small group from church. It meets in the home of Richard and Lora Clinton in Steinmaur. Getting to Steinmaur was easy – it only took about 40 minutes. We had a nice evening with a good time of worship led by Richard (pastor). Because there is only one train an hour from Steinmaur, one of the couples at the group (Rita & Markus) dropped me off at Oerlikon station, which got me home a little quicker than I would have managed by train.

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