Back to the pool

After work today I met Dave at the swimming pool in Opfikon so I could practice some of my diving skills. He had noticed a couple of things on Saturday that he felt would be worthwhile brushing up on. Spent a worthwhile, but very tiring two hours in the water. Absolutely exhausted by the end of it!

I discovered that my postbox has a separate section for parcels! There has been a parcel in there for a couple of weeks and I didn’t even know! Another bit of culture shock. The parcel was my box of chocolates from the bank to apologise for messing me about when I opened the account. Fortunately they were well wrapped and had not melted. They are very nice truffle assortment.

We have our free coffee back at work! All is well. Rebellion over!

On the other hand, I now have scaffolding outside my balcony so they can renew the external wall coating. They were working on the “other” side of the building for weeks, maybe months, so it might take a while! They have removed the shutters from my windows, presumably to prevent them from getting spattered with the coating, so I now have to rely on my net curtains to keep out the light. Fortunately the nights are getting longer, so this should not be a problem.

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