Ben back to school

Amazing that the Summer hols is over and they are back to school already. The Swiss kids have been back a couple of weeks already – I think they must break up earlier.

I woke up at stupid early o’clock today, so spent some time voting for Bella & Zorro on The London Paper website, before heading into the office early. Early start – early end.

Someone in the office mentioned that she went to Geneva to see the CERN particle physics lab. They have a tour that you can book yourself on for free. Thought it might be fun to do that, but it’s all booked up to the end of the year. They do have an exhibition that you can go to any time without booking, so may pop down to see that this weekend. Sounds interesting.

Went to Clariden Leu bank at Stettbach today to hand over a report that I have been creating. Nice to get out and about. I have another trip planned to another branch on Monday. The guy I went to see is a senior member of the trading team, and has 6 monitors on his computer! Wow! I thought I had a lot with my two, but this is amazing!

International social at work tonight.

Second salary is in bank today.Yippee!

A chap at work who was a contractor there for 7 years has just transferred to the “internal” staff. You wouldn’t believe the trouble he has had. His pass doesn’t work to get in the doors, his email account has vanished, he can’t do most of the things he was able to do before. I guess they will sort it out in a day or two, but it’s incredible how disruptive the whole process has been.

Collected some shirts and trousers from the cleaners today. I have a whole wardrobe of mostly clean clothes at the moment. Nice.

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