In search of snow

I decided to go to Engelberg to see the snow that my friend mentioned, so I caught the train to Luzern and then the slow mountain train to Engelberg. It was very cold – much colder than when we were there in October – and there was a lot of snow. The streets and pavements were cleared, but in places that had not been cleared there was perhaps 30-40cm of frozen snow. So hard you could walk on it without sinking in! Guess that must be the stuff they ski on! I didn’t go up in the cable car to Mount Titlis since I had already found snow, but I decided to go on another picturesque train journey called the Golden Pass which runs from Luzern to Interlaken Ost over the mountains. I didn’t have to go all the way back to Luzern – I was able to meet up with this other train part way.

The scenery was fantastic as usual – loads of snow, mountains and lakes. Beautiful.

From Interlaken I caught a train to Bern – spent a little while wandering round the town there, as it’s a place I haven’t really done before. Then caught a fast train back to Zurich.

I decided to pop out to Dietlikon – one of my old stomping grounds – to look round the shops there. They have a huge Media Markt and a Conrad Electronics, as well as Carrefour and several other good shops. Caught a bus back to Stettbach and then a train back to Zurich. Did a bit of shopping in the Rail City and then headed back to the apartment.

Long, tiring, but enjoyable day.

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