Gladstone 3 / Gold Coast

After packing, we went to Bray park in Boyne Island for a small ceremony to scatter Wes’s ashes in the sea/estuary. After this, we did a re-enactment of Michael and Fiona’s wedding for the benefit of Glenda, Gary and Shelly. Alice came in her wheelchair and looked much better than when we saw her the day before. It was a lovely time and then time to say goodbye to everyone. We wanted to set off early to kill most of the journey back to Brisbane. We stopped a couple of times, once for coffee, once for petrol and then for lunch at a Hungry Jack’s restaurant (like Burger King) We played a game Fiona had recommended thinking up stories around the names of the creeks we saw en route. It was a long drive. We decided not to stop half way, so that we could have a day without travelling on Monday. We aimed for a Big 4 campsite on Gold Coast and arrived there around 7pm. Ben developed an earache, which put doubts on the plans to do a water theme park tomorrow. Annette did some laundry in the camp laundry.

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