Gold Coast / Brisbane

Ben was up in the night with more earache, and we all lost lots of sleep. The birds started to “whistle” around 4am! We got up around 8am, but Ben was still rough, so we decided to visit a local doctor. We were directed to a place in the shopping complex and he saw an English doctor who only started this week. He is too old to emigrate (apparently the age limit is 47) so is here on a 5-year work permit. He prescribed some antibiotics which we went to collect from a local chemist. Next we went to try and find a new Eoin Colfer book for Ben. Floppy morning then drove up to Brisbane city to find our hotel for the night – Oaks Lexington Apartments. It was too early to check in, but they let us into the car park and we walked round the block to find a loo! Had some sandwiches and coffee in a basement food court. It was time to check in, so we headed back. We were assigned Apartment 801. It is palatial! Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, laundry facilities, dishwasher. Annette re-organised the suitcases ready for our trip tomorrow then we walked down to the river and got a City Catamaran to Brisbane University. Really good value – $14.50 for the three of us, all day if we wanted! We did the round trip and then headed back to Oaks Lexington. We sent out for pizza and Annette did some more laundry in our suite.

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