Hong Kong 2

Another broken night. Ben woke early and was coughing, so we all awake. Poor love. Decided to do the trip up to The Peak on Hong Kong Island today. Walked down from our hotel to the Star ferry port. Really hot and humid walking. Bought tickets for the ferry – again REALLY cheap. Around $2.70 each which is pennies. Had bakery snacks and drinks at the other side. Caught a bus up to the tram station $5 each I think. Then the tram was $33 return. Very steep in places. It was maded in Thun, Switzerland! The views from The Peak were very good. We mosied around the shops and bought a few souvenirs / gifts. Ate at the Bubba Gump shrimp company. Ben and I had poporn shrimp. Annette had some sort of vegetable dumplings. All very nice and not too dear. Then we reversed our journey to get back to the mainland. As it was so hot, we decided to catch a taxi back to the hotel (a 5C bus would have done it, had we known) I showed the taxi driver the piece of paper I had printed, which had the hotel details and he set off. Almost immediately, Annette and I realised he was going in the wrong direction. We kept saying things like “it seems a lot further than it did this morning when we walked” We both started to write down his details and the number of the transport complaints department as he was clearly “taking us for a ride” As soon as he realised we were onto him, he pulled up in front of a hotel – the wrong one and made out we were there. I showed him my piece of paper again and gave him directions to get to ours and we eventually got to the right place. He knocked about $4 off the fare but it was only $30 total – less than £3!  In the evening, I went for a walk up Nathan Road to the shops at Mong Kok. It was very interesting and I could easily have enjoyed a longer stint at this. I had an ice cream – didn’t feel like proper food – too hot! I walked back to the hotel.

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