Brisbane / Hong Kong

Ben had a very bad night – awake from 3am with his ear. Annette also feeling poorly. I have slight chest infection as well. Church bells woke us at 6, but fortunately we got back to sleep until 7.

Checked out of hotel – really silly messy procedure for getting out of car park – we had to jump out of car and take keys back to them!

Drove to airport – stopped for petrol on way. Handed car back. Not sure how many km we did overall, as the starting mileage on the paperwork was wrong!

Brisbane airport is old fashioned and slow. They only seem to have about 20 flights out of the International terminal all day, but the queues were slow. A lady took us out of the normal check in queue and we thought we were going to be upgraded, but alas not! Getting through security was also painful. Took them 3 or 4 goes to accept my bag with the wires and mains adaptors etc. We finally got through with very little time to spare. Did a bit of shopping for last minute gifts etc.

Flight was shorter than it should have been. Landed around 6pm Hong Kong time. A better experience than the previous Quantas flights – food was OK and the TV and films were good. We had individual TV screens and it was possible to actually watch and enjoy the films and programmes.

Hong Kong airport was pretty slick, as expected. Next we located the bus depot and bought tickets for A21 bus that I had read was the one we needed for our hotel. It was a tense journey as we had no way of knowing where we were and where our stop was! We needn’t have worried as the hotel name was clearly announced and the stop was immediately outside the hotel. A very easy journey which cost HK$33 each (half price for Ben) around £2.50 each!

Checked in and were allocated room 1211 on the 12th floor. I popped out and found a shop for milk and other supplies. This sort of thing seems really cheap here!

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