We actually slept on the plane! All of us! Annette and Ben reckon they got about 5 hours and I got somewhat more. Not bad in a 12 hour flight. Glad it’s over. We landed at Heathrow around 4:30am and cleared the airport formalities very quickly at that time of day. Went to wait for the National Express bus office to open. We had a booking on 7:50am bus, and were told (when the office opened at 6am) that there is no earlier one. A long wait! DS games came in handy again! Bus arrived on time and stopped first at Terminals 1,2,3. Unfortunately the bus driver had his briefcase stolen while we were there, so there was a long delay while police were called and took statements etc. Finally arrived home around 9:45. Lots of post to open. Fish not looking too bad. Discovered that the fridge has been off while we’ve been away – the switch is behind the microwave, which had been pushed back! Spent a while trying to find what was wrong. Ben’s new PS2 game has arrived and he is dying to play it. We’re not feeling too bad. Not sure how late we will go before we need our beds though. Also not sure how many days it will take us to re-adjust to the UK time zone (7 hours behind Hong Kong)

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