Strange days at work

On Friday, our team were all called into a meeting with the Vice President responsible for us. He had noticed that all was not well on our team – poor morale etc. and wanted to know what he should do about it.

Today we heard that our immediate manager has been moved to a different project. You could almost feel the mood lighten around the room.

We have a temporary man in place who is good, while they look for someone to replace the man who has gone, or find an alternative way of managing our work.

It is very good news!

Just popped some laundry in the machine – my last chance to do it for free. Next time will be in my new apartment.

I am due to collect my key at lunchtime tomorrow, and if I have the energy, I may even start moving my stuff tomorrow night. It would give me some extra time to relax on Wednesday, which is a public holiday.

It’s almost my first pay-day too. I filled in my time sheet today, so that it can be signed tomorrow and faxed to my agency so that they can pay me, and claim the money from Credit Suisse.

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