Moving experience

At lunchtime today, I met my landlady and she finally gave me the keys to the apartment. There was a postcard in the letter box telling me that the startup package for the Internet was waiting for me at the Post Office – just up the road. Sadly the post office is closed at lunch time, so I had to arrange to go back later.

Work has been good again today – everyone is cheery and happy, partly because it’s a holiday tomorrow and partly because of yesterdays happenings! I was able to confirm with my line manager (who signs my time sheets) that he is quite happy for me to build up my overtime and take it as time in lieu – the other man was not so accommodating and there was a tension having to try and please both without upsetting either. He is also flexible about start and finish times, as long as I keep a record for him. He signed my first timesheet today and I faxed it to my agency. They will now pay me and invoice Credit Suisse. I think I get paid before Credit Suisse have paid – the signed timesheet is the key document. It’s been a good month. Since I am paid daily, it has made a difference that there were 22 working days. Some months are less, but 22 days is a good starter!

So I was able to finish work early today and go to the post office to collect my parcel, then to the apartment to leave the parcel and some stuff from my rucksack.

Since then I have made two journeys to Kloten and back, and probably need to make one (possibly two) tomorrow. The bulk of the the move is done and I will sleep in the new place tonight.

It was lovely to look around the apartment, which is all nice and clean and fresh. It is a lovely place and I am sure it will suit me well. Some people from work were asking me about it today and were amazed to hear the price and location, so I think I have done well. Or should I say that God has done well – I am sure this is his provision for me.

My Internet is up and working (first things first!) and I am nearly ready for bed.

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