The end of the move

Didn’t sleep terribly well last night – I think it was just being in a new place. Also the road past the apartment is a little busier than I thought. I guess I will get used to that too. Less noisy than it was in Kloten (near the airport) and the apartment seems cooler as well, which is good.

I made one trip to Kloten and managed to bring the rest of my stuff in one go. Today is a public holiday so the trains are on Sunday timetable – no difference for the train from Zurich to Kloten, but a reduced service from Binz into Zurich. Only a short ride anyway. The two trains don’t connect terribly well, so I had 2 minutes to get from one side of the main Zurich station to the other – happily with an empty suitcase – or else I would have had to wait 30 minutes for the next one.

The worst part of the move was getting my heavy case up the three flights of stairs to the apartment. Also trying to be quiet, as the stairwell is very echoey.  Don’t want to upset the neighbours right at the start!

For lunch I popped into Zurich again – most of the shops and restaurants are closed today, but the Rail City (a small town under Zurich main station) was open and I was able to get a nice meal.

This afternoon,  I have pottered. I also enjoyed a bath and a short “power nap”

There will be lots of fireworks tonight, I am sure, in celebration of the National Day.  I may sit on by balcony and see if I can see any from there. I don’t think I will venture too far tonight as I am still feeling a bit tired.

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