Rockhampton 2

Went to look for Annette’s addresses in Rocky. Found two – one of which might even be the original house. Then we went to the North Side cemetery. When we got there, it was locked and huge, but there was a man inside who looked official. He called for us to scramble round the fence and then helped us to find the Lacey family plot. There was a slightly tense few moments when he was directing us to some plots with unfamiliar names, but he realised he had got his directions wrong and we found the huge plot and took some photos. After this, we drove up Mount Archer – about 600m high. Quite nice views from the summit and some nice walks. We met some rather boorish Australian ex-miners who liked to talk too much. We saw some kookaburras and managed to get some good photos of them. Had a picnic at the viewing place. Our next destination was the scenic drive from Yeppoon to Emu Park. Beautiful views over the sea. We went to the singing ship monument, but it wasn’t very windy, so didn’t get the full benefit. We had some drinks at a little café (milk shakes / malted milk / coffee) then drove back to Rocky. We stopped at Coles / K-mart and bought some T-shirts, sandals and a new book for Ben. Annette asked an assistant for a recommendation of a place to get a steak and we found the Great Western Hotel. Rockhampton is the beef capital of Australia and the steaks were delicious! Ben had fish and chips. Another late night swim at the campsite.

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